An Injured Knee II….

Agony is:

Wound dressing to do severally in a day
To think which foot goes forward first when starting to walk,
A can’t bend knee that put me in a can’t kneel, can’t squat situation
To sleep in a certain position
To walk with a limp no matter the attempt to walk upright…
All because of an injured badly hurting knee….

The wound seemed to be getting worse by the day and the pain accompanying it too much…but still I hoped and prayed it get well soonest without need to use any more medication besides the antiseptics…

From my history, wounds don’t go well with me and a slight scratch used to become quite sick and turn into a big wound which would take quite a while to heal…and I would need so many injections and medication in the process…Being told that my immune was quite low wasn’t bad enough…

As I’ve become a woman of faith, such are some of the things I’ve had to speak against. When one believes…everything is possible…God’s healing no matter what has been said in regard to a medical condition.

As I do this, it’s two(2) weeks since I got that accident on my knee, but with a praise report…My knee is healed…a scar may have been left behind, but it’s back to normal functioning…Praise Jesus!!

From that experience of having an injured knee…Oh how one takes for granted the normal functioning of body parts…it’s not until a part is out of order that one realizes just how bad it is to have to be somewhat disabled…

Remember to thank God for wholeness


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