Moving With The Flow…

When it’s not only the talk around,
But the talk world over,
The focus of almost all media,
Well, It Implies it’s of significance,
One may say ‘I care less…it doesn’t concern me’
It’s bound to rouse interest…
Being curious, is just natural,
‘What’s it all about?’
Choice is, to move with the flow,
To follow what’s going on,
To be part of the happenings,
Albeit as an observer…
After all there may be something…
That may catch your eyes or ears,
Making an impact at your level…

So there was something,
Something of great interest,
The Royal Wedding, it was,
I moved with the flow,
Being among the numbers,
All over the world,
Taking part as observers,
Celebrating a love union,
Of the famous and popular,
One word for the event: AMAZING!

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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