The Language Little Understood…Tears Language…


There are words,
One will speak or write,
In various dialects,
Words a common language,
Well understood by many…
The words language…

There are expressions,
One may express,
On the face,
Those who see will see,
And get the meaning
Of these facial expressions,
The facial expressions language…

There are gestures,
Variously made signs,
Those who know and understand,
Will use them,
The sign language….

There are positions,
One may pose at,
Body positions,
With a meaning…
Those who know will interpret…
The body language…

There are looks,
Looks in the eyes,
One may make that look,
A look with a message,
Eyes may communicate something,
Something so deep…
I hear they don’t lie…
These windows to the soul…
The eye language….

There are tears,
Tears that flow,
Conceived in the depths of one being,
Birthed through the eyes,
Crying, Weeping, Sobbing…
Shedding tears…
A language on its own…
A language difficult to understand…
The tears language…

Feelings, thoughts inexpressible,
No other language will do,
There is the tears language…
That they’ll pour out through….
People will not understand….

There is one, who holds,
The tears in a bottle,
They have meaning,
Why else would they be stored?
He best understands,
This language,
The tears language….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


Of These, Who Are You…??


Coaches will coach,
Give instructions,
Teach the rules,
Prepare for the game…

Mentors will mentor,
Guide the way,
Encourage right effort,
Inspire some actions….

Commentators will comment,
With all comment types,
Opinions they’ll have,
There’ll always have something to say…

Speculators will speculate,
On where abilities, potential and all,
May lead,
By what they see, feel and think,
They’ll judge…

Spectators will…yes, spectate,
They’ll watch the game,
They’ll cheer and jeer…
As they deem right…

Players will play,
Giving their best in the game,
The result of much effort…
After lots of coaching and mentoring,
They can only look at winning…

Players, coaches and mentors,
Are in this together,
Participating in some way,
To the game play,
It’s a win,
Even without a medal,
Being in the game,
Is already a win…

Commentators, Speculators, and Spectators,
So much talk…little do…
Watching from a distant…

Coach, Mentor, Commentator, Speculator, Spectator…
Who do you want to be??

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Laughter, Smiles I Share…

I got to know via tweets on twitter that yesterday 21st March was World Poetry Day. To mark the day, there was the #poetweet tag trending .One of my new followers whom I had just linked on twitter in the morning via someone’s list mentions, informed me of the #poetweet after I had posted a tweet that read ‘Today is #WorldPoetryDay , Do I have a special poem for the day?’, his response was ‘ Btw I’m still waiting for your #poetweet’ I was like’ #poetweet ?’ what’s that? , I went ahead to check what it was all about. I hadn’t seen the trending tag since I had been accessing twitter on mobile Internet –Snaptu which doesn’t list those…My new follower @samnato went ahead to suggest we drop lines and compose one together…’Good idea…’ I thought…
Below is what we came up with….It was a fun way to celebrate World Poetry Day…I thank God for the Internet, where every other day I get to ‘meet ‘ new people…

My thoughts are mine to keep, laughter is what i can share…
If not laughter, smiles I’ll share, to mean I’m well….
When I laugh, I’m saying you are a charmer…
When I don’t, not that you are a bore…
Not that you are selfish either,
You just touched my heart like a fisherman’s catch on a bad day…

© @samnato and @FlicShis

No Mystery In Poetry…


The art that’s poetry,
Is no mystery,
To demystify,

Poetry is words,
Forming some lines,
Grouped into verse,
A poem thus…

To Poetry, Cheers!!!

Poetry is as simple as that….

Today was World Poetry Day….
Glad that I can identify with poetry….
Hence I celebrate today, and every other day…
That I put down words, in poetic form….
Again, Cheers!!! To Poetry!
Don’t I just love poetry world….?

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Scars Are Stars…


Along life’s terrain
You move on
Led by intention…

Something to attain…
Hope of fortune….
Arrival to destination…
And so on…

Much gets to happen,
Many wounds you sustain,
All which cause pain…
There’ calls for ‘complain’
Some coercion to refrain
From life journeying on …

Keep on the race
Pick up the pace
Appreciate the scars
Of healing sores
And healed wounds

These so evident scars
Turn out to be your stars….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Love and Joy…


Love and have joy,
Joyfully love,
Joy is in loving,
Love is joy,

Always serve,
Lovingly and joyfully

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Emotional Turmoil…


I don’t know what to think,
I don’t know what to do,
No clue on how to handle this,
I don’t know how to react,
Choosing the avoidance option,
As sure as the sky is blue,
I’m just courting trouble,
At some point,
Got to face it,
Head on,
I don’t want to lose my cool,
I don’t want to break down,
Though I feel like crying buckets

Yesterday I said something about what happens when one comes across some writings after a long time, probably even forgotten that one ever wrote anything like it.

Reading the above poem, what does it make you think? I came across it in a document in my  archived files, and I post it here as is; no alterations. This is one of those items one can get to read after a long time and go like, ‘Well, there has been such times…triggering such thoughts as these…’ and at that, rousing various emotions….It reminds someone where they are coming from….

Dear Lord,

You know too well what I was going through as to write the above poem.I thank you that that was then.

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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