Occupation Versus Preoccupation

I got an occupation, but it is my preoccupation that keeps the day rolling. With my occupation, I keep looking at my time piece wishing it would move faster. On the other hand when at my preoccupation, I wish time would just hold and move so slowly if it have to. My preoccupation is the subject of my dreams, hopes, ambitions.

I don’t feel effective as I should in my occupation, for my preoccupation steals a good portion of my mind all time….

If my preoccupation were to be my occupation, all my hours would have a ‘very constructive/productive’ tag on them. Besides I would be one of the happiest persons around actualizing their dreams which equal to utter bliss.

Until my preoccupation becomes my occupation, I have to struggle with the latter, as boring and unsatisfactory as it may be.

The journey to realizing my preoccupation, appears unending. I will keep my faith though, as I trend on this journey. It isn’t any easy…but there is the BIG picture to keep my  eyes on…it gets me going…

As I do this, it is my preoccupation ringing in my mind, taking  a break from the  occupation…..if only I didn’t have to get back to it……



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