I’m Back….Been a Long While….

Haven’t posted on this my dear blog for an awfully long time…..

Isaiah 49:15 ’Can a woman forget her infant…?’

Oh my!!! I feel like I am that woman, who seemingly ‘forgot’ her infant, her baby….

My blog has been out here not being ‘fed’…no fresh content….and as such, I feel I’ve stunted her growth…

What really happened?
What stopped me?
Why haven’t I posted in such a long time?
Did I get so busy?
Did motivation take a back seat?
Did inspiration fly out the window and go with the wind?
Have I been….mmmhh…lazy?

I may sit trying to come up with a good reason for not posting, but there is no reason to well explain my absence on this space….I will not give any explanation to me, they’ll just be excuses.

Every other day, the thoughts that I neglected my dear blog haunt me…Today I take that bold step, getting back to her…

I will pick up from where I stopped…and bear this in mind  >>>>  https://felicityshiro.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/my-blogmy-babymy-tot/


My Writing Sometimes…

When I write;

Sometimes I’m high on motivation,
Sometimes I’m it’s  low, or there’s no motivation
Sometimes I’m sure of what I wanna put down,
Sometimes I’m totally blank but still, I find something,
Sometimes it may be inspiring,
Sometimes it may not be all that inspiring,

Sometimes it may be on point and clear,
Sometimes it may be quite vague,
Sometimes it’s detailed,
Sometimes it’s sketchy,
Sometimes I’m verbose,
Sometimes I’m concise,

Sometimes it may make sense,
Sometimes it may not make sense,
Sometimes it’s worth sharing,
Sometimes it’s only for me,

Sometimes I write in verse,
Sometimes I write in prose,
Sometimes I mix up both…

Sometimes it’s from happenings,
Sometimes it’s from experience,
Sometimes it’s from observation,
Sometimes it’s from imagination,
Constant factor is use of words, to compile something….

Writing is fun….I’ll keep posting here, and see how it goes…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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