Emotions: To Show or Not to Show?


There is something, I hear referred to as emotion. Is it just a feeling, or what is it? It comes in various forms, thus we have emotions.  The situations, happenings and circumstances, almost everything that surrounds may influence emotions. These emotions may change swinging this way and that, ending up in confusing someone if one tries to figure them all out.

Emotions puzzle me. From my experiences one moment I feel like I’m on top of the world and I wouldn’t mind to let anyone who cares to listen how good I’m feeling, the next, I feel as if I’ve hit the depths of the pits on earth and I just want to hide no one to see me, I don’t want talk, I want nothing, I’m are just there, and nothing has meaning.

People express their emotions differently. Some cover them up or suppress them, some freely express them.  I think I fall in the latter category. I remember in my ‘about’ page, I’ve said something like ‘I cry as easily as I laugh’. Yeah, that’s me. I express emotions very easily; I find it difficult not to express exactly how I feel, thus I’d say I am very emotional. The way this term ‘emotional’ is used, it’s like freely expressing ones emotions is bad. Those who hide their emotions are seen as the bold ones, and the other s weak! But in my view, the converse is true.  I believe when one expresses emotions, they are being real and being real is boldness… Any way I’m okay with the way I am, if it calls for me to cry I will cry until I can cry no more it’s laughing I do laugh till my ribs ache! I’m just me.

What to do, to express or not to express these emotions as they come?

I think it’s good to express our emotions. The books of Psalms, Job, Ruth and all through the scriptures, we these people who are key Bible Characters expressing their emotions as is, in an uncensored manner. This should act as an inspiration to be real bearing in mind that, one can’t hide their emotions  from God. Hence, I’m not ashamed to be emotional.

After all, I believe these emotions were created so as to be experienced and expressed/shown.



On the Edge…


I don’t know what to think,
I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know how to react,
How to handle this,
I have no clue,
I may choose the avoidance option,
Though I well know,
As sure as the sky is blue,
That’s just courting trouble,
At some point,
Got to face it,
Head on,
I don’t wanna lose my cool,
I don’t wanna break down,
Though I may as well do,

I feel like a bundle,
Of emotional turmoils,
I’m on the edge…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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