While growing up, I used to love beads…the beads I came across then were what we called ‘Hair beads’ which I would put as décor on my hair…However, I would get quite creative with them, and find other ways of using them…I once made a basket decorated all over with all colors of beads…..

Sometime back, I was walking along the city streets and came across a beads shop…I got the urge to go in and check the beads out…To my delight and amazement, there were beads of all types…wooden, plastic, glass etc, in all imaginable colors, shapes and sizes. The urge for bead work kind of came biting on me….

By the time I left that shop, I had some beads with me. As long as I had them, I’d find time to use them…adding to my list of pastimes/hobbies ….


In the busy lives we consider to be living, it seems like all hours are taken up by one thing or the other. It is like one has no what would be strictly considered as free time. However, every so often, one has some time to spare, away from what may be routine. Time that one can enjoy engaging in hobbies and activities one love doing…With any such time, I always find something to do…It’s like my hands want to be working on something all time…I have quite a number of things that I do…I find them being nice pastimes…while being constructive……………..


‘Just for fun…’
Yeah, somethings one do for fun,
To fill up or pass time,
Hobbies, pastimes they are called, Challenge to self some may be,
Calling for some effort,
Others one does effortlessly,
The seemingly difficult,
Become somehow easy,
Given t’s for fun…
Doing things for fun,
‘Funemployment’ is made…

Pastimes ‘Sometimes’…

My pastimes ‘sometimes’…

Sometimes I read,
Sometimes I play word games,
Be it Crosswords, Codewords, Scrabble, Word-wheels…
Whichever I please,
Sometimes it’s cooking,
Sometimes it’s baking,
Sometimes it’s crocheting,
Sometimes it’s net browsing,
Sometimes it’s strolling,
Sometimes it’s star and moon gazing…
Sometimes I journal,
Sometimes I blog,
Sometimes I tweet,
Sometimes it’s singing and dancing,
Sometimes it’s taking pictures…Looking forward to acquiring a nice camera…
Sometimes I miss gardening…
If napping is a hobby,
It’s too, in these ‘sometimes’…

All my pastime ‘sometimes’,
Make great solitary pastimes….
Making up my ‘fun-employment’…
They are all fun…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Long After It’s Written…


For two days before yesterday I had posted something on emotions, then came the post about my hobby.
I think writing is so interesting. You may write something forget all about it, only for you to come across it so much later and surprise yourself by what you read that you had written and could barely remember. Come to think of some notes or mails you’ve ever written to persons who’ve been in your life, the entries in your diary-that diary that was only meant for your eyes, the text messages you’ve ever sent, n’ with Internet technology, the lines you’ve posted as your updates on social networks or even as comments when reacting to other people’s posts. All this make up writing.

If you were to see something you jotted down  so much later, what you most probably long forgot it, what would it evoke within you?

As I said about my scribblings wherever whenever, I get to stumble upon quite a number of interesting writings. They rouse all forms of emotions. Some will warm me up, serve as an inspiration, bringing a smile or even laughter, some will evoke sad memories, others will  get me really thinking….yet with others it a downright ‘What was I thinking writing this!?’

All are important though. The light, sweet writes will remind me of good things and happy times that happened thus be thankful. The sad ones reminds someone that there are low moments in life, and hence the need to appreciate good times. Still on the same, they remind someone that much as storms may show up, in one way or the other they are going to clear up. The unclear ones- the by the way writes- remind someone that,  sometimes everything is so hazed up and one can barely focus. They seem to be saying ‘that was then, nothing was adding up, but somehow, matters shaped themselves up. Thus now worry, things are going to come together and add up in some way’.

There are all varied emotions stirred up by written words, is the beauty of writing. That words can really touch a cord within someone, bringing about all emotions that there can be and concurrently conveying some message.

With all these in mind, I continue to like putting things down in writing.

Come to think of the Bible and all the wonderful writes you have read. If the persons who put down all the collections that we refer as the Bible, and the other wonderful books didn’t get down to writing it, would we have this great to reads? It’s through writing, putting thoughts into words and compiling them into something comprehensive form that we will get communicate to the future..those who come after us, but closer still, communicate within self and among ourselves when talking is not possible.

I thank God for the skill that is writing.


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