He Is Risen…

Nastily, He was bruised,
He bled, till he could bleed no more,
In that state, death was inevitable…
Hence he died…

After the dishonor of killing Him,
Someone honored Him, with a burial,
Yes, He was buried,
To see him in the world, no more,
Or so they thought…As we know what followed…

Death, couldn’t hold Him,
He overcame death!
And left the tomb, He lay in…

Jesus rose from the dead,
Jesus is alive!!
We celebrate Jesus,
We celebrate His life,
His conquering the grave!

In His resurrection, following His death,
Was His triumph, so we rejoice!

Therefore we can sing…
‘He is Risen, He is Risen….
And He lives, forevermore….’

Resurrection Day Blessings….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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