More Above Fun From ‘Funemployment’…

Well, for fun it may be,
That you do something,
You do it well…
Someone sees it differently,
Recognizes what you are capable of,
They put you to task,
Based on your so tagged,
You deliver stuff as per request,
You don’t disappoint…
You are asked to give a quote,
What you want paid to you!
What to do but do exactly that…
Lotsa appreciation follows,
No complaints…
From for fun, to for cash!
Making albeit a few dollars,
From ‘funemployment’,
Makes it all more the fun…


‘Just for fun…’
Yeah, somethings one do for fun,
To fill up or pass time,
Hobbies, pastimes they are called, Challenge to self some may be,
Calling for some effort,
Others one does effortlessly,
The seemingly difficult,
Become somehow easy,
Given t’s for fun…
Doing things for fun,
‘Funemployment’ is made…

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