Easter;The Weekend That Was…

Come beginning of an year after the December Holidays loaded with Christmas festivities and culminating with ushering in a New Year, the next month most looked forward to by many is April. Here in Kenya, it’s in April that there are Schools holidays marking end of the first term of the year in most academic institutions. It is also a month looked forward to by most University Students, since in majority of local Universities; it marks the end of Second Semester, hence end of an academic year, with the Universities academic year commencing in August/September period, hence the long holidays before next year of study or completion of one’s University studies at various levels.

Besides all these, it’s the month that comes with Easter Holidays! The dates on which the Easter Weekend fall on being, I think, the most significant dates on the Christian Calendar….as they mark a significant occurrence in History of Christianity!

The Easter Weekend, the one assured long weekend in the calendar, is indeed something to look forward to….Sometime back, a friend confessed, ’On seeing a New Year’s calendar, the first thing I look at are the dates on which Holidays fall on, and I start with the Easter Weekend!’ I believe many will relate with this, they do the same….!

As is the case Easter long Weekend this year was looked forward to by many…starting on Friday 22nd April,  through to Easter Sunday, for those who are lucky, up to today Easter Monday which is a carry forward of Easter Sunday…

Anyway, the Weekend came and passed…it’s now the Weekend that was….I had nothing like grand plans to mark the Easter Holidays over the Easter Weekend. Thankfully, on Friday when I called my friend Jes to wish her a nice weekend, she offered to come visit me, and she was very welcome. We spent all afternoon having a good time together. I even cooked for us my favorite rice dish, Beef Pilau, and Beef Stew with mushroom gravy….I was so excited having her around…and God must have whispered to her to buy a bar of Chocolate among the goodies she brought with her. I had indeed missed Chocolate and even thought of how long it had been since I treated my self to Chocolate which is always such a delight.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend the night together since she was to be working on Saturday….All the same it was nice being with her…

There was an Easter Worship Experience at Church, though I hadn’t planned to attend, so I spent all evening at home with my God. Saturday, was a slow day, just in the house…and come Sunday, a busy day at Church. Got to Church long before 8a.m, and spent all day there, getting home way past 17hrs…

That’s the weekend that was….The Easter Weekend…It’s as good as over now…



He Is Risen…

Nastily, He was bruised,
He bled, till he could bleed no more,
In that state, death was inevitable…
Hence he died…

After the dishonor of killing Him,
Someone honored Him, with a burial,
Yes, He was buried,
To see him in the world, no more,
Or so they thought…As we know what followed…

Death, couldn’t hold Him,
He overcame death!
And left the tomb, He lay in…

Jesus rose from the dead,
Jesus is alive!!
We celebrate Jesus,
We celebrate His life,
His conquering the grave!

In His resurrection, following His death,
Was His triumph, so we rejoice!

Therefore we can sing…
‘He is Risen, He is Risen….
And He lives, forevermore….’

Resurrection Day Blessings….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Christ’s Cross…

Of well known symbols,
Is the Cross…

‘Carry your cross’…
You’ll hear it said,
With a meaning deep

Ages back
Was The Cross event
The core of Christianity
It wasn’t just another cross
But the Cross, which Christ hung
Bringing forth redemption, to human kind

Commemoration of the Cross event
The reason for the season…

When you see the Cross
Remember Christ… His agony on the Cross
That there’d be salvation, for you and me

May this Cross, be of significance to you

Have a Blessed ‘ Christ’s Cross’ Season…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Easter Is About…

It’s neither about Easter Eggs,
Nor Easter Pumpkins,
It’s neither about Easter bunnies,
Nor Easter hot-Cross buns

It’s about;
The crown of thorns,
The nails,

It’s about;
Our Lord Jesus Christ ….
His Crucifixion…
Crucifying sins,
His death hence…

It about;
The Resurrection,
Of Our Lord Christ Jesus,
Into a new life

Death of sins,
Rising in righteousness

May this Easter Season,
Bring the Re-realization,
Of Christ’s agony,
On the Cross,
Hence the grace,
For forgiveness of sins

Happy Easter Holy-Holidays….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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