2011…Down To The Last Day…


Time ticked on..
Seconds into Minutes,
Minutes into hours
Hours into days
Days to Weeks
Weeks to Months

Depending on one’s calendar‘s design,
Month after the other was ticked off
Calendar pages were turned over

Three sixty four (364) days after
It’s down to the last day
The 365th day…!!
Year 2011’s last day!

It’s Goodbye 2011!


Bye, Bye, June…

It’s like just the other day,
June checked in as May signed out,
Days have rushed past…

Looking at the Calendar,
June is gone!

Bye, bye June…
t’s been nice having you around,
As long as you lasted….

See you next year,
Hopefully looking better….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

When You Gotta Say Bye, Bye…


‘Bye, Bye!’
‘See you later!’
‘Till next time!’
So often one may say,
Accompanied by a handshake,
A hug, or even a kiss…

Even with hope of later,
Emotions of parting,
May take over,
Time between now n’ that later,
About ‘next time’,
One can’t be so sure…
But still, time to say ‘Bye’,
Always come…

Bidding ‘Bye’, never easy,
Good when one can hear,
To respond to the ‘Bye’…

When one isn’t there,
Yet you gotta say bye,
You may whisper words, unheard,
Express emotions, unseen, unfelt,
Yeah, t’s still ‘Bye’,
‘Goodbye, Goodbye to you’….

Why ‘Good’-bye, with all the ‘bad’ pain,
That comes forth?
When t’s that final ‘Goodbye’,
It’s as bad as it can get…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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