Dear 2011…


Dear 2011,

You came,
Were welcomed
Stayed as long as you lasted
Now it’s goodbye, goodbye to you…
No ‘see you later…’
It’s a once and for all goodbye,
Never to see you again!

Though you are gone,
For a number of things,
You’ll surely be remembered…



2011…Almost Gone…


A little over 48 hours, and 2012 we’ll usher, (as I post this)
Bidding 2011 bye, bye is quite in order…
While at it, pausing and reflecting on the year is second nature

Looking back on 2011,
It’s been quite a Year…
One that I’ll live to remember…

There have been:
Mountains to climb
Valleys to cross
Deserts to walk-through
Races to run
People to meet
Lots of things to do…

Lessons to learn
Stories to make and tell
Memories to treasure…

It’s been quite a journey to take,
Now down to:
The last ‘foots’
The last lap
The last pages
The last days…

As we sign out 2011,
Are you ready for next Year?


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