A Birthday Is…


Special is the day,
That’s one’s Birthday…

One special calendar date,
For someone to celebrate…
The Birth date,
For someone one knows,
Someone who mean something,
Someone special in a way…
It’s a day to mark…

To show appreciation,
To express love…

In ways possible…

The Day That Was…


The day came to pass, the day that was my Birthday, 1st February. Yesterday was the day. I did mark it in what I think is the best way I could.
All alone at the place I call home for now- putting up with my sister- I had to do something that I will remember the day by. As I mentioned in the post coming before this, it appears no family member remembers my Birthday, and I decided not to remind anyone. I do not like having to feel like I am trying to rub something on them. I really do not understand my family…it’s not anything close to what I here being referred to as a close knit family and so I learnt to survive early enough doing things that interest me all alone…that’s a story for another day.
Right now my mind is on what I got to do on my Birthday, which is as follows.

  • I stayed in bed long enough in the morning, having slept at my usual odd hours past 1am
  • I woke up to nice morning devotion before anything else. I usually use the ‘Our Daily Bread’ devotional as guidance for the day’s start devotion. Today’s message was ‘God is at Work’. The text began like ‘We always crave change in a New Year….’, felt like it was just the message for me given it’s my New Year’s day, even if it was talking in reference to the past month of January.
  • Checked into social Networks starting with twitter followed by facebook, these are my two active accounts though the activity on the former overtakes the latter by far, I have accounts in so many other social networks though I’m rarely there, talk of StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Tagged,Badoo,Netlog e.t.c
  • Having had a start on the social networks, I could then have my morning coffee cup.
  • The girl in me then told me to do some self pampering, just to look fabulous on my Birthday, even though I had decided to spend the whole day indoors. That I did and results were great, I even put on some new dress I haven’t been in since it was bought.
  • In a very cheerful mood, I spent a great deal of time just feeling good as I rehearsed on some poetry presentation recital I want to perform on Sunday, singing and dancing in the house.
  • Enough of speaking aloud and singing, it was time to get down to something else. I had purposed to spend the day with God, spending quantity and quality time with him, so, it followed time for another Bible study from my ‘Women of Faith’ Bible, entitled ‘Uncharted Waters’, and Prayers session,
  • Bye the time I completed that, it was already far into the afternoon. I got busy on social networks again, happy for the ‘Happy Birthday Felicity’ Posts decorating my wall and timelines as I responded to them and posted my Birthday thoughts roll as my updates. Besides being on the social networks, I wrote my blog post for the day, and posted it. It’s been a while since I posted that early. I think with this new year, I will not be waiting till late night to write, I will be doing it during the day.
  • By the time I was done with all these and checking stuff on the net, dusk was falling, my day was coming to an end in the next few hours. I just whiled away the evening hours doing nothing in particular, however, I cooked some food, good food- beef stew, vegetables and roast potatoes, though after having cooked I didn’t have the appetite to eat, so I didn’t eat, downed a coffee cup instead!
  • The evening hours rolling by, I got to get to bed- my favorite place- where I get to be with my companions , https://felicityshiro.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/my-companions/ ,  for the night lap with them.
  • With that my day was as good as gone.

That is how I marked my Birthday. That’s just me, I’m used to being in my own company and all the hours will somehow get used up well. I can never be lacking in stuff to do when alone.
I did not have a party not even a Birthday cake, but I believe I spent my day in the best way I could and it was fulfilling to me. My present from He who is most High being Peace.
May this Year that just began be a great year in every sense of that word- GREAT. I am very hopeful, everything will be okay.

There is a verse that I came across and took hold of as I dug into the Bible: Isaiah 30:21

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

I will be alert to hear that voice, whose Guidance, Lead, Directive, I so need whenever, wherever for all my days.

Cheers!! Here is; To God!, To  Felicity!, To Another Year! To Hope! To…..etc.!

Birthday Talk…

Today is another 1st February, the year 2011, when I’m honored to be celebrating another Birthday. It’s always delightful to celebrate this one day of the year. ‘Big deal?’ , someone may be asking, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s such a big deal to mark my birthday in the best way I know how.’

With a Birthday at hand, the digits that indicate age change with an increment of one, meaning, one gets to be older! They say one is as old as they feel, and I guess that’s true. Well, I’ve always felt older than my age, and behaved as such, going to an extent of quoting a higher number of years- the ones I feel like- as my age when asked. However it doesn’t work, since my looks betray me big time!


It’s my Birthday but frankly speaking, I haven’t received any birthday wishes from those classified as closest to me- family that is parents, siblings and relatives. Well, it appears like no one ever remembers my Birthday here.
There are some things that really puzzle and disturb me, ’Surely, how do parents forget their children’s Birthdays?’ , ‘Wasn’t the birth of those children any significant?’ such are the question that linger in mind but go unvoiced, unanswered.
Honestly over the years, I grew up knowing that my Birthday falls on 2nd February, until one day, just recently, I got rummaging through some old files at home and came across my birth certificate- hadn’t set my eyes on it before,- only to find that my Birthday is actually on the 1st of February!! All the time I had been told that my Birthday was on 2nd February. Presenting this certificate, my mother was like “You mean it was 1st?”, ‘How now?’ I thought; as I saw it on paper it was very clearly written.
I think even if I were to forget every other happening in my life, I would not forget the moment-exact time I birthed a baby, leave alone the day!
I have always taken it upon me to remind them that it’s my Birthday, but this year, I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. ‘What’s the need after all?’ It is better I mark it silently it in my way since apparently I have always been kind of forcing it on everyone….Poor me, with the way I’m keen on others Birthdays and when I used to be at home, even without big celebrations, I would do what I would to mark any ones Birthday in any possible way like baking a cake in their honor.

Anyway, even if unremembered, I’m alright and it’s good enough I am around and growing older.

Above all there is one who says He’s always with me and will never forsake me. I believe in Him. For I feel remembered in more ways than one.

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

What a Year It’s Been!


31st January. Not only is it the end January, it’s is also the day I mark the end of another ‘My Year’. It should to me be like what 31st December is all around, bidding bye to the Year that has been and ushering in the New Year, yeah that’s what it is. As my year comes to an end, I get into a reflective mood into what has been in the past year of my life. These reflections rouse mixed feelings within hence I’m neither overly excited nor saddened. I let recollections of taking stock of what has been just take their course in taking me back into days and things past.

My Year was nothing close to easy. It has been a year which so far in my life I would rate as the most challenging and most difficult. All through the year, it is like life decided to throw at me all the bitter and sour most lemons plus limes from the all the trees in the world, and all other bitter things it would afford. As a result, I know what utter sadness, pain, hurt, loss, wretchedness, unending tears flow, are. If before this year that has been I thought I knew what stress and depression are, I was so wrong because the reality of it was brought about within the past year. Sometimes, I was brought to a point of such distress and sorrow, downrightly on the edge, waking up to face another day felt unbearable.

Amazingly, I’m still around and strong, with the honors of seeing another year of my life come to an end and another start. What to attribute to it but to He who gives life and He who sustains? Through all the tribulations I have been through, I can surely attest to God’s presence, even at the point when I got to ask like David, “My God, why have you forsaken me?’. I rehearsed the words of Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, plans of welfare and not of evil, plans to give you a hope and a future’. Talking this words to myself with all the situations surrounding, I have been like ‘really?’ , ‘Why all these then?’ ‘Do I have to go through it all?’ Seemingly endless questions have flowed in my mind, but some how, a calmness comes and covers it all, like an assurance all will be well.

God is good to have seen me through the year that has been. My trust is in Him who holds my life in His hands. During what seemed like the darkest of times, He has been my strong hold and continues to be. I strongly believe in the words of Romans 8:28 ‘All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose’. As by His grace I have endured it all, I want to believe all the suffering and pain will turn to my good by and by. It’s all by His grace and mercies that I am here and doing this, living to tell where I’m coming from.

I will give thanks to God for He is good, and His mercies endure forever, I will yet praise and worship Him, He is all I got. His love for me has kept me going. Whatever the circumstances, I can still smile since I am always assured of His love for and He will see me through the darkest of times all to His glory. The joy of the Lord will always be my strength.


Cheers!! To another year ended!


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