He Is Risen…

Nastily, He was bruised,
He bled, till he could bleed no more,
In that state, death was inevitable…
Hence he died…

After the dishonor of killing Him,
Someone honored Him, with a burial,
Yes, He was buried,
To see him in the world, no more,
Or so they thought…As we know what followed…

Death, couldn’t hold Him,
He overcame death!
And left the tomb, He lay in…

Jesus rose from the dead,
Jesus is alive!!
We celebrate Jesus,
We celebrate His life,
His conquering the grave!

In His resurrection, following His death,
Was His triumph, so we rejoice!

Therefore we can sing…
‘He is Risen, He is Risen….
And He lives, forevermore….’

Resurrection Day Blessings….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Peace and Patience

Be peaceful, be patient,
Peacefully be patient,
Patience and opposite of peace don’t mix,
Impatient and lacking in peace may be,
Ask for perfect peace,
Ask for peace in patience,
Right from the source,
The giver of it all

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Soul Food…


You are what you eat’ they say,

With the good and proper,
Feed your mind and heart,
More and more,fill yourself
Your soul nourish, all time,
With the Word of Truth,
The pure everyday soul food,
Feed on it as much,
With it, overfeeding is unknown…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Measure Up?


Journey inside of you,
In utter introspection explore,
Find what lies within,
Your findings, weigh up,
Against God commanded standards…

Do they measure up?
Do you measure up?

Beautiful Soul


A heart tender and loving,

So kind, gentle and forgiving,

A mind patient and peaceful,

Filled with pure, clean thoughts,

A soul so beautiful results

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

He Forms, Reforms and Transforms…


God forms, but, Satan deforms,
For His love for us,
God transforms us,
Through His reformation
From Satan’s deformation,

Caught up in Satan’s deformation?
Allow God‘s reformation,
He’s willing to transform,
Hence bringing restoration,
To His formation,
From all forms of Satan’s deformation,

He is God,
Who Forms, Reforms and Transforms,
All for His Glorification!

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Someone’s Listening; A reply to ‘I Just Want Talk’

Yes my child,
I'm right here,
Speak to me,
I'm all ears,
I wait to hear from you,
Go on Talk,
I'm listening,
Attentive to every word

Do not be anxious,
Do not be disturbed,
Not for anything,
Be not afraid,
Talk it all out,
Go ahead and talk,
I'm listening,
Attentive to every word,

I care about you,
Your concerns,
Are my concerns,
Cast them all to me,
Don't burden yourself,
I'm here to help you,
I want to make it easy,
Easy for you,
For I love you,
Go ahead and talk,
I'm listening,
Attentive to every word
I wait to hear


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