One Year On, Happy Birthday Baby!

It had been a long journey, thankfully a joyful, miraculous one; we made fun of it, at every juncture. If any mishaps, they were just slight and sustainable. With every step, it was drawing to an end. A few more days to go, call them hours, the count down was on! That was our delight. We had been imagining how it would turn out
to be.

Finally, the time that we were waiting for, expectantly looking forward to, was with us. That phase of the journey would be over and a new chapter would start.

It was this date, ‘16th December’, one year ago, the day that my girl pal would become a mother, delivering her wonderful bundle of joy into this world!

I may not have been physically there, oh, how I wish I was! My mind thoughts and all were there. With bated breath, I waited, and waited on. It was as if I was right there, pacing along those corridors, restlessly waiting for that “It is a …..” moment. Thanks to technology, that we already knew, though the actual bundle we longed to see, to hold.

The moment I got that call, seeing on the display it was my pal calling
indescribable joy filled me, sure that all was well. Telling me she had her
bundle of joy with her, her little girl, I wished I would fly right away to bewith them, to congratulate the new mom and to welcome her little one to the

It was to be a few more hours before I had the privilege to do that. Before she was one day old, I would hold her in my arms, for that, I was sure. So delighted I was, saying I was happy for my pal is an understatement!

Today, one year on, we celebrate baby Lindsey’s first birthday! HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday baby Lin’! We love you so.

It has been a great year having her around seeing God’s miracles of growth at work in her. She is doing great. As you can all see……

Little Lindsy

Wannabe geek! Isn't she lovely?

Baby Lin’, feel free to follow in your aunt’s footsteps…being geeky….I bet you’ll love it, will surely give you an early start in mentoring if you so like…I see you are kind of interested already…

Blessed is my pal, I’m honored to be aunt! Babies are amazing!

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