I Pray M.A.Y….


May is here…Two days already gone as I do this…
While the month is still young, I take this moment to Pray may, M.A.Y

Many   Marvelous    Manifestations,
All         Amazingly    Astounding,
Your    Yearnings     Yield

May  Month May Make Memorable  Marks…

Cheers to May!




Going M.A.Y…

Another month is here!
April as good as over,
It’s on to May,
Bye, Bye April,
Hey May!
You are Welcome!

The way days are passing by makes one feel as if time is moving faster each new day…the fractions of seconds decrementing by the day hence making hours shorter and hence shorter days…
May is here…for the next so many days…are they 31? As I do this it’s almost minus one day…
The year isn’t getting any younger but older…and so I’m I…
What’s up with May? Here is what MAY is about to me….

Mind, heart, soul, spirit and body,
Made by You, and for You,
Amazingly formed and artfully put together,
All to you I wholly surrender…
You who is my all in all…I
Yearn for more and more of You…

Cheers! To a new month! To May 2011!

Dear May,

I hope you full of good tidings…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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