I’m Back….Been a Long While….

Haven’t posted on this my dear blog for an awfully long time…..

Isaiah 49:15 ’Can a woman forget her infant…?’

Oh my!!! I feel like I am that woman, who seemingly ‘forgot’ her infant, her baby….

My blog has been out here not being ‘fed’…no fresh content….and as such, I feel I’ve stunted her growth…

What really happened?
What stopped me?
Why haven’t I posted in such a long time?
Did I get so busy?
Did motivation take a back seat?
Did inspiration fly out the window and go with the wind?
Have I been….mmmhh…lazy?

I may sit trying to come up with a good reason for not posting, but there is no reason to well explain my absence on this space….I will not give any explanation to me, they’ll just be excuses.

Every other day, the thoughts that I neglected my dear blog haunt me…Today I take that bold step, getting back to her…

I will pick up from where I stopped…and bear this in mind  >>>>  https://felicityshiro.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/my-blogmy-babymy-tot/

I Start today : 12/12/2010

Finally I’m here, starting my blog. It’s something that I have always wanted to do, it has been long over due, but gladly the day has dawned.If one want to really do something, one will get to do it, it’s never too late to start.

Mhhh….I remember had started one but it really did not work out then due to a number of reasons…Don’t wanna think about that now, what matters is that I have started,I won’t stop. I here the most important part of doing something is getting started. Now I have started.

Happy Birthday Felicity’s blog ~~https://felicityshiro.wordpress.com!

The timing could not have been better, as here in Kenya we celebrate Jamuhuri day, this is how I celebrate it, by launching this blog.

I don’t know what freedom means to you, but as for me, for now this is freedom, freedom to be me, to do what I love, to express me in the best way I know how- writing my thoughts out. I’ve found my freedom on space, cyber space. I’ve found freedom and confidence, freedom of space, freedom of finding my voice here, and confidence to share pieces of me with all who’ll happen to find their way to this page.

Today is just the beginning. Here I am getting to do this, and I mean to keep at it.
This is how I celebrate today, Jamuhuri (Independence)day 2010! Kenya at 47 years!felicityshiro.com just born, she going to grow big and beautiful. Check this space…..

Again Happy happy Birthday felicityshiro.com! I love you so, already..

Hello world!

At last I’m here. I’m so excited to start doing this -blogging.


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