Madaraka Day…


For a long time under colonialists siege,
For our people then, it was vision ‘get freedom’,
The chief focus for all, a goal to be achieved,
Whatever it would take, whatever it would call for,
They were ready to relentlessly do anything,
To attain freedom for the land of Kenya,
No matter how brutally they were treated,
Being held captives in their home land,
Suffering slavery of every manner,
By and under the domineering foreigners,

Fearlessly they fought on,
Losing neither focus nor strength,
Despite the many lives lost,
And hardships endured,
There was no giving up…

At last!
Freedom was to come…
The foreigners surrendering to the natives,
Giving them what they so yearned for…
Freedom! Independence!

Hence Kenya’s Madaraka/ Independence Day!

We have today to celebrate,
Because of those brave hearts,
Who selflessly fought for it,
The independence of our nation Kenya,

As we celebrate Madaraka Day,
We honor our heroes and heroines,
The Freedom Fighters!

It’s now 48 years on,
We enjoy the freedom, so fought for

Happy Madaraka Day!
To the Freedom Fihgters,
To Kenya!
To Kenyans!

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya

We are a people,
A people of a nation,
A people of Kenya

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

Kenya is our nation,
Kenya defines us,
A complete set,
We are,
As Kenyans,

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

Kenya is you,
Kenya is me,
We are part of Kenya,
Kenya our beloved nation,
People make a nation

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

In a various ways,
We may differ,
But together,
We are part,
Part of a complete set,
That is Kenya!

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

We have variety,
Variety of culture,
Of color,
Of style,
Of beliefs,
Of language,
Of lots more,
Our variety defines us,
Our variety is our beauty,
Variety is good,
No boredom in variety,
Our variety should be,
The strength of our nation

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!


Our Heroes and Heroines: It wasn’t Easy

Many a tears were shed,
Pools of blood shed,
Many lives were lost,
Struggles incomprehensible,
Pain unthinkable, unspeakable,
Ruled their days,
They bore it all

Not losing focus,
By faith,
They fought on,
Eyes on the goal,
The goal,
Independent Kenya

Freedom would come,
Peace and calm,
Would prevail,
A self governing nation,
They’d be,
Free from colonialism

At last,
Tomorrow dawned,
Freedom at last!
Was their song, their dance,
Freedom had come
Their hope,
Their dream,

These are the people,
The brave people,
They are the heroes and heroines,
Heroes and heroines of our nation,
The heroes and heroines
Of Kenya’s Independence

We celebrate independence,
We celebrate the Republic of Kenya,
We celebrate our heroes,
We celebrate Jehovah Sabaoth,
The Lord who fought on with them,
Despite all the suffering,
The battle was won,
Kenya became a Republic,
The reason we celebrate today!

We celebrate today,
For our heroes, our heroines,
Were brave,
Brave enough to fight,
Fight selflessly,
For freedom!

As we celebrate today,
And every other day,
Being a republic,
Let’s not forget,
Our heroes and heroines
Who fought for us,

It wasn’t easy,
But it was worth it,
The reason we celebrate today,

God bless our heroes and heroines,
God bless The Republic of Kenya.

© @FlicShis

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