I Pray M.A.Y….


May is here…Two days already gone as I do this…
While the month is still young, I take this moment to Pray may, M.A.Y

Many   Marvelous    Manifestations,
All         Amazingly    Astounding,
Your    Yearnings     Yield

May  Month May Make Memorable  Marks…

Cheers to May!



At Times…


At times;
You may feel down,
Your strength fails,
Stress becomes like norm,
All hopes seems dashed
Future looks bleak,
Motivation is low,
Constantly feeling blue
Nothing looks inspiring…

You wonder…
Where did I go wrong?
Did I by any chance sign up for these in life?
Will things ever change for better?
I’m I doomed for these?

But even then
Don’t lose faith,
Be still…
Know He’s still God
No matter what
Still saying…
‘I’ll never leave you nor forsake you…’
‘I have good plans for you…’


Dear 2011…


Dear 2011,

You came,
Were welcomed
Stayed as long as you lasted
Now it’s goodbye, goodbye to you…
No ‘see you later…’
It’s a once and for all goodbye,
Never to see you again!

Though you are gone,
For a number of things,
You’ll surely be remembered…


2011…Down To The Last Day…


Time ticked on..
Seconds into Minutes,
Minutes into hours
Hours into days
Days to Weeks
Weeks to Months

Depending on one’s calendar‘s design,
Month after the other was ticked off
Calendar pages were turned over

Three sixty four (364) days after
It’s down to the last day
The 365th day…!!
Year 2011’s last day!

It’s Goodbye 2011!


Gift That’s Time…


Now is time…
Between now and then is time
Between then and now is time…

You depend on time…

It’s time you have:
To Invest
To Spend
To Waste
To Save
To Pass

It’s time you:
Look forward to…
Look back on…
Look around at…

The gift that’s time…
Given by creator of time…
Is yours to manage…
What you do with it…
Time will tell…


2011…Almost Gone…


A little over 48 hours, and 2012 we’ll usher, (as I post this)
Bidding 2011 bye, bye is quite in order…
While at it, pausing and reflecting on the year is second nature

Looking back on 2011,
It’s been quite a Year…
One that I’ll live to remember…

There have been:
Mountains to climb
Valleys to cross
Deserts to walk-through
Races to run
People to meet
Lots of things to do…

Lessons to learn
Stories to make and tell
Memories to treasure…

It’s been quite a journey to take,
Now down to:
The last ‘foots’
The last lap
The last pages
The last days…

As we sign out 2011,
Are you ready for next Year?


Don’t Despair…


For some things, you plan and prepare…
Eagerly you wait, but they don’t occur…

For such, do not dismiss n’ despair…
God’s timing is an important factor…


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