Extra Is Not Excess…


Every other day, people are out there looking for work, something to do. Be it a job or merely an internship one is looking for. One is faced with enough “Currently we aren’t employing / We have frozen employment for the next / we aren’t taking any interns ….” and the like… This translates to mean, we have enough hands to work here. Could it be there is no work? The former sounds more like it. In these cases, it is mostly the case because of the cost implication of the extra hands which could also be termed as ‘excess hands’ in employment circles where minimal workforce is the aim….

There is however another form of work, finding something to do ….it doesn’t add that pair of shoes to the shoe wardrobe though, since there is no monetary gain from it….It refers to offering those extra hands for goodwill…doing charity/voluntary work. The gain from it is satisfaction of being of and at service. Offering your time and skill to assist where need be.

It was in the afternoon after having spent all morning doing some cleaning that I decide to go to Church and offer some help given the situation there- funeral arrangement meetings for our dear Pastor Simon’s wife, Joy, quite a lot to be done in cleaning utensils, cooking and serving. So, I went to Church right to the Church kitchen and surely they needed extra hand. I was so welcome there, I didn’t even get to have time like to sit down…within split seconds, I had already been designated what to do but before that looking around, at the sink there was a hip of dirty utensils that were being cleaned by this lady, I first went there to assist her so that we clear washing firs….she excused herself there is somewhere she had to rush to, so there I was doing the dishes….I was later to assist in making tea-lots of it for hundreds of people…taking it to the serving points at the time set for that and later serving the congregants after service at the serving point I was assigned….It was a really busy afternoon and evening…right now as I do this I’m just so tired having gotten home some minutes to 22hrs…

What I’ve learnt from my afternoon experience volunteering in those activities is that, when it comes to voluntary work, extra hands aren’t excess hands. They are so much needed…. The more the better….surely ‘Extra is not Excess’

What Report Will It Be…?


The car was moving quite fast but my two lady friends and I had been chatting as we rode on. It was on the day on which the sad news that one of our pastors had lost his wife- Sunday 6th March. We were headed to another lady’s place for a home visit.

“I’ve known Joy since my College days”, said Eunice who was at the co-driver’s seat. “You mean you went with Joy to College?”,  Faith, the one who was driving asked. “Yeah, we went to College together. She used to be the Chairlady for the Christian Union(CU) at college, and besides that, she could volunteer as a Sunday School teacher at various places anytime. In fact, she introduced and talked me into teaching Sunday school, and gave me a class to teach at *I can’t recall the name of the place she said*” “Joy has always been so devoted and…..” she continued….

At some point, I went all quiet, got lost in my own thoughts, and was thinking about my aunt Susan who passed on so many years ago. If I were to eulogize her in writing, it would run into unending pages…!

With all that racing in my mind and being brought back to what was being said about Joy, I got thinking….Well it’s real, it happens….then what follows after that…after one is a goner? One will obviously be talked about. For my aunt…words can’t be enough to describe how I knew her as young a I was those so many years ago, the memories are still fresh. For Joy, I gather of the worthy, dedicated life she lived and more as I hear and listen to tributes to her…

What about me? What will there be to say about me about me? What kind of report will there be for me from others, anyone who’ll ever have come my way in this life? What will be said of me? Is there something I can do, when I still have time around here, something can positively better/ enhance my report?

When I’m gone, I want to have a wonderful report of me…. With that in focus, I chose to abide by the Word. A certain verse comes t o mind, Colossians 1:10 ….live a life worthy of the Lord, please Him in every way; bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, I choose to live by this among many other verses….

What about you??


Emotions: To Show or Not to Show?


There is something, I hear referred to as emotion. Is it just a feeling, or what is it? It comes in various forms, thus we have emotions.  The situations, happenings and circumstances, almost everything that surrounds may influence emotions. These emotions may change swinging this way and that, ending up in confusing someone if one tries to figure them all out.

Emotions puzzle me. From my experiences one moment I feel like I’m on top of the world and I wouldn’t mind to let anyone who cares to listen how good I’m feeling, the next, I feel as if I’ve hit the depths of the pits on earth and I just want to hide no one to see me, I don’t want talk, I want nothing, I’m are just there, and nothing has meaning.

People express their emotions differently. Some cover them up or suppress them, some freely express them.  I think I fall in the latter category. I remember in my ‘about’ page, I’ve said something like ‘I cry as easily as I laugh’. Yeah, that’s me. I express emotions very easily; I find it difficult not to express exactly how I feel, thus I’d say I am very emotional. The way this term ‘emotional’ is used, it’s like freely expressing ones emotions is bad. Those who hide their emotions are seen as the bold ones, and the other s weak! But in my view, the converse is true.  I believe when one expresses emotions, they are being real and being real is boldness… Any way I’m okay with the way I am, if it calls for me to cry I will cry until I can cry no more it’s laughing I do laugh till my ribs ache! I’m just me.

What to do, to express or not to express these emotions as they come?

I think it’s good to express our emotions. The books of Psalms, Job, Ruth and all through the scriptures, we these people who are key Bible Characters expressing their emotions as is, in an uncensored manner. This should act as an inspiration to be real bearing in mind that, one can’t hide their emotions  from God. Hence, I’m not ashamed to be emotional.

After all, I believe these emotions were created so as to be experienced and expressed/shown.


My Take on New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a New Year, year 2011, a week into the New Year already. Not only is it a New Year but also the beginning of a new decade. Many capitalize on the fact that it’s a New Year, to make various decisions to do or not to do certain things. It is viewed as a window of opportunity to effect changes in various aspects of their lives. But then, we always have new hours, new days, new weeks, new months etc. to make changes where need be. Why then all the fuss when it comes to New Year’s time? Is it keeping at it because it has worked well for you in the past? Or is it looking back at the wasted time, opportunities and all of the previous year and thinking of mapping some clues to help you keep focused in the year that just began?

Well, I think New Year’s time, with a stretch of a whole twelve months ahead seem to present convenient and ample time to effect change. You seem to hear or read from all over, ‘New Year Resolutions’. The way the word ‘resolutions’ is used,  say over used, makes it sound as if it were a word coined only for use during this season, to get you down to it- making those ‘New Year’s resolutions’.

There are people making a kill out of this, labeled as ‘resolutions coaches’, with the promise to make or help you achieve your resolutions and even to help you define them! I’m not saying it is bad to seek help. Question is; do you really need all that help? Are you making those resolutions because everyone else is making them, it’s the trend, or is it because you genuinely want and need to make them?

My take on this is that making resolutions is a self initiative; they have to crop from deep within you for you to keep committed to accomplishing them.

If you are up to making any resolutions, the rule is to keep them simple yet self challenging, realistic and attainable.

© Felicity ‘ @FlicShis

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