Laundry Day, Self Pampering

I was up almost the whole of last night, since I wasn’t sleepy at all. I made it a rule not to go to bed if at all I’m not sleepy lest I’ll toss turn all night long. So, I got to bed past 3 a.m in the morning, and around 6:30 a.m I was all alert! I tried to get back to sleep, but none was forthcoming so I just checked out of bed. As I do this, I’ve been up all day. Whatever is wrong with me, I don’t know.

I wake up to a holiday, it’s been a long weekend this! On waking up, I was so full of energy, and in spirits of doing some thorough cleaning, so decided it would be my wash day,though there wasn’t much load of washing to do. It was all cloudy and chilly seemed like it would rain any time. But, I’m used to this weather tricks by now. They have become so common, so I had to go on with my washing, being sure that the weather would clear up and it would be all sunny.
Started by cleaning shoes, followed by washing clothes. I think I just love cleaning stuff and whenever working with water is involved, I like, feels like playing in water to me. It was still very dull outside when I finished washing and putting up stuff out to dry. Evidence of my washing….

Clothes on line

Laundry drying outside

Did more cleaning indoors, until I was satisfied.

By the time I was done with all the washing and scrubbing, my nails were in a bad state. They needed some pampering and some sprucing up. That I did, result……

My Red Coloured Nails

Nails in red!

I love that screaming red look, thanks to Luron #19! I have found a new love for nail polish, and I do it my self, I like it!

I had some studying to do, did a bit of it, but couldn’t concentrate for long.
Soon I was out of the house, was going to buy something but ended up with something else when I didn’t get what I was looking for. Had gone looking for trousers, wasn’t lucky to get my a fit, so ended up buying shoes!! Another pair for me there…Can’t get enough of them…

My late afternoon rushed by, handling issues with my Internet connection. Tried setting up Orange internet, failed, so fixed my Safaricom connection, serves me well. What’s more Safaricom made my day by their 50% extra data promo offer!!

Another day, gone, bringing end of 2010 closer.

That has been my day so far, time check 9 pm, it’s still far from over….I hope to get some serious sleep today though…

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