I’m Back….Been a Long While….

Haven’t posted on this my dear blog for an awfully long time…..

Isaiah 49:15 ’Can a woman forget her infant…?’

Oh my!!! I feel like I am that woman, who seemingly ‘forgot’ her infant, her baby….

My blog has been out here not being ‘fed’…no fresh content….and as such, I feel I’ve stunted her growth…

What really happened?
What stopped me?
Why haven’t I posted in such a long time?
Did I get so busy?
Did motivation take a back seat?
Did inspiration fly out the window and go with the wind?
Have I been….mmmhh…lazy?

I may sit trying to come up with a good reason for not posting, but there is no reason to well explain my absence on this space….I will not give any explanation to me, they’ll just be excuses.

Every other day, the thoughts that I neglected my dear blog haunt me…Today I take that bold step, getting back to her…

I will pick up from where I stopped…and bear this in mind  >>>>  https://felicityshiro.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/my-blogmy-babymy-tot/


I Pray M.A.Y….


May is here…Two days already gone as I do this…
While the month is still young, I take this moment to Pray may, M.A.Y

Many   Marvelous    Manifestations,
All         Amazingly    Astounding,
Your    Yearnings     Yield

May  Month May Make Memorable  Marks…

Cheers to May!



An Injured Knee II….

Agony is:

Wound dressing to do severally in a day
To think which foot goes forward first when starting to walk,
A can’t bend knee that put me in a can’t kneel, can’t squat situation
To sleep in a certain position
To walk with a limp no matter the attempt to walk upright…
All because of an injured badly hurting knee….

The wound seemed to be getting worse by the day and the pain accompanying it too much…but still I hoped and prayed it get well soonest without need to use any more medication besides the antiseptics…

From my history, wounds don’t go well with me and a slight scratch used to become quite sick and turn into a big wound which would take quite a while to heal…and I would need so many injections and medication in the process…Being told that my immune was quite low wasn’t bad enough…

As I’ve become a woman of faith, such are some of the things I’ve had to speak against. When one believes…everything is possible…God’s healing no matter what has been said in regard to a medical condition.

As I do this, it’s two(2) weeks since I got that accident on my knee, but with a praise report…My knee is healed…a scar may have been left behind, but it’s back to normal functioning…Praise Jesus!!

From that experience of having an injured knee…Oh how one takes for granted the normal functioning of body parts…it’s not until a part is out of order that one realizes just how bad it is to have to be somewhat disabled…

Remember to thank God for wholeness

A Knee Injury….


It was early in the morning as usual when I left the house, before 6a.m. Unlike other days, had to wait for a while before a public service vehicle came by heading to the city…it was already past 6a.m when a car came by, and along with other passengers, I boarded…It was a mini-bus of a freight I hadn’t traveled in before…but as long as it was going to town…it was o.k or so it seemed…since I couldn’t wait longer…

The drive to town turned to be a long journey as the car kept stopping at every existing and non-existing stage…talk of delay…

By the time we got to the city, it was way past my usual time…I was running late the minutes were passing real fast and I had another bus to take….!

As I was alighting from that bus to go to the next which was a few meters away, I encountered an accident…I stumbled , all effort to balance as to avoid the fall fruitless , before I knew it I was on the ground on my knee…supporting my self with one hand as I had my hand bag on the other! It happened so fast, I can’t just explain how…By the time I rose, my knee was hurting badly. Fortunately my clothes didn’t get dirtied given it was a wet morning, was in a short,black skirt and a  bright flowery blazer.  I didn’t however have the time to check on the extent of the injury…I felt such excruciating pain…but I had to hurry to the next bus else I’d get late to the office, and lateness s so unlike me….

It’s when in the bus for the next part of the journey that I got to examine the injury…My stockings were torn, and it wasn’t just another grazing, it appeared I had incurred quite a wound…

With the few wet wipes I had left, I cleaned the wounded area, but it wasn’t clean enough…I dabbed it with a hanky and looked forward to getting to the office to perform proper first Aid.

I got to the office in good time…but my knee was so hurting I walked with a limp…First things first, before even signing in for duty, the First Aider I am, had to do First Aid on me…Fortunately, the First  Aid kit in the office was well stocked with all necessary items from Antiseptic to all a variety of Bandages, I put into good usage what I needed…by the end of which, I was good to go…the pain was too much yes, but on way to recovery with  First Aid done on it…

That isn’t what you’d call a nice day’s start…that happened on Tuesday, 10th April…

A Come Back…

I’ve been quite away from my blog…no recent posts…I don’t wanna look at the date I last blogged….
Have I been so busy?
Isn’t there barely any time to spare to post something?
Well, been quite time pressed, it’s like all minutes are taken up…

This >>>>… https://felicityshiro.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/my-blogmy-babymy-tot/
makes me like a bad momma who’ve neglected her baby…

I promise me to make time for blog…last year a time like this, I was so devoted to ‘a post a day’…As I resume to blogging, I may not do a post a day, but I’ll try as much as possible to be posting every so often…

No Time Alarm…!

I’ve always trusted myself with being able to wake up at the time I need to arise and remembering things to do at set times. Kind of settin my mind for it, no need for time alarms, which I don’t like.
However, in recent days, I’ve been forced by circumstances to set wake up time alert/alarm and some other time alarms.
At times, I’ve been awoken by the waking time alarm only for me to press the ‘snooze’ button! 10mins or so later, off it goes again…with that, I know I’ve no option but to arise, else…I’ll run late, n’ lateness I hate!

When I have a night that I have to neither set mind’s nor phone’s clock wake up alarm, it’s a great night right from the start. No strict wake up time, no early morning…
On such nights I just want to sleep…

At Times…


At times;
You may feel down,
Your strength fails,
Stress becomes like norm,
All hopes seems dashed
Future looks bleak,
Motivation is low,
Constantly feeling blue
Nothing looks inspiring…

You wonder…
Where did I go wrong?
Did I by any chance sign up for these in life?
Will things ever change for better?
I’m I doomed for these?

But even then
Don’t lose faith,
Be still…
Know He’s still God
No matter what
Still saying…
‘I’ll never leave you nor forsake you…’
‘I have good plans for you…’


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