A Knee Injury….


It was early in the morning as usual when I left the house, before 6a.m. Unlike other days, had to wait for a while before a public service vehicle came by heading to the city…it was already past 6a.m when a car came by, and along with other passengers, I boarded…It was a mini-bus of a freight I hadn’t traveled in before…but as long as it was going to town…it was o.k or so it seemed…since I couldn’t wait longer…

The drive to town turned to be a long journey as the car kept stopping at every existing and non-existing stage…talk of delay…

By the time we got to the city, it was way past my usual time…I was running late the minutes were passing real fast and I had another bus to take….!

As I was alighting from that bus to go to the next which was a few meters away, I encountered an accident…I stumbled , all effort to balance as to avoid the fall fruitless , before I knew it I was on the ground on my knee…supporting my self with one hand as I had my hand bag on the other! It happened so fast, I can’t just explain how…By the time I rose, my knee was hurting badly. Fortunately my clothes didn’t get dirtied given it was a wet morning, was in a short,black skirt and a  bright flowery blazer.  I didn’t however have the time to check on the extent of the injury…I felt such excruciating pain…but I had to hurry to the next bus else I’d get late to the office, and lateness s so unlike me….

It’s when in the bus for the next part of the journey that I got to examine the injury…My stockings were torn, and it wasn’t just another grazing, it appeared I had incurred quite a wound…

With the few wet wipes I had left, I cleaned the wounded area, but it wasn’t clean enough…I dabbed it with a hanky and looked forward to getting to the office to perform proper first Aid.

I got to the office in good time…but my knee was so hurting I walked with a limp…First things first, before even signing in for duty, the First Aider I am, had to do First Aid on me…Fortunately, the First  Aid kit in the office was well stocked with all necessary items from Antiseptic to all a variety of Bandages, I put into good usage what I needed…by the end of which, I was good to go…the pain was too much yes, but on way to recovery with  First Aid done on it…

That isn’t what you’d call a nice day’s start…that happened on Tuesday, 10th April…

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