No Time Alarm…!

I’ve always trusted myself with being able to wake up at the time I need to arise and remembering things to do at set times. Kind of settin my mind for it, no need for time alarms, which I don’t like.
However, in recent days, I’ve been forced by circumstances to set wake up time alert/alarm and some other time alarms.
At times, I’ve been awoken by the waking time alarm only for me to press the ‘snooze’ button! 10mins or so later, off it goes again…with that, I know I’ve no option but to arise, else…I’ll run late, n’ lateness I hate!

When I have a night that I have to neither set mind’s nor phone’s clock wake up alarm, it’s a great night right from the start. No strict wake up time, no early morning…
On such nights I just want to sleep…

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