Went Home…After Quite a While


It had been quite a long while, since I took this trip…journey to my upcountry home…All that while, I had every reason as to why I didn’t want to go home…

The day came, 31st December, 2011, and the question ‘when did you lastly go home…?’ was thrown my way…by someone so dear…I went ahead with my ‘why not’ explanations…

My ‘reasons’ and ‘explanations’, valid and varied as they were, were carefully listened to…but then, for each of my ‘why not…’ there was a ‘why to…’ counter

By the end of that session, the ‘why to’ appeared to have won the ‘debate’ and there was kind of an ultimatum that I should go home, and with that I was convinced that I should go home…

It wasn’t to be ‘sometime in the near future’ but it was to be immediate…’tomorrow’ …which was to be New Year’s Day. Having made that decision, there were no more excuses or postponement to make…I was to go home

Yesterday New Year’s Day, was the day…after a wonderful service at Church, I was all to go …

I left the City in the afternoon for the journey I hadn’ t taken for a long while. While traveling I had mixed feelings, was I to feel excited that I was going home at last, or was it a guilty feeling that it had been quite a while since I did so…?

A little over two hours later, I was already within my home county, looking around, familiar were the surroundings…no much change if any…I looked forward to getting home…It was to be a surprise visit since I hadn’t told those at home I was to be going there…

Getting home unexpectedly, the surprise moment was surely such…surprise…! The time I had been away must have worked quite some changes on my physique to an extent that all kind of comments came my way….

The first evening and night of 2012 went well, giving way to a bright second day of the New Year…by the end of which I was to travel back…

It could have been only a night and less than a day that was there, but good thing is that I went home and it was much appreciated…For now, it’s till next time


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