Family Fun Sunday…Winning Team…!


Fun is enjoying yourself/ves and being rewarded for it…That’s what happens at PBC family fun Sunday…Participation in every way is points awarded…be it in being in the field, or cheering your team…points are earned on how you do it…points are lost by lack of participation…

After all the competitive games, came the rewarding session…there were various categories of awards for the families…some making sense others…’funny’ sounding…leaving the audience with ‘what’s that supposed to mean?’ kind of questions…all the same…the cheering went on…before the ultimate Year’s winner was announced

Bethel, my family was awarded for being the NOISIEST family for the entire Family Month …. Muhahaha!

With eager anticipation, the announcement of the overall winning family was awaited…the person to do this announcement has really mastered the art of keeping people in suspense and going round and round before making the final announcement…

He read the points earned by a number of families in the tune of millions and repeated it enough times for us to get the numbers right!!! Yet, the ultimate winners were yet to be announced! Interesting as it can be…it can get to a point of irritating the audience…

The moment came that the winning team was announced as BETHEL!!!! The song and dance that we broke  into, as members from our family flocked the center field to get the trophy…Oh my!!!! …and as soon as that happened the rest was history…Fact…BETHEL carried the day!

Oh, how wonderful it is to be in the winning team!! I remember last year I was in  the Red Family : Beryth which emerged winners then…

I thank God for the Family Month; Family Week; culminating with the Family Fun Sunday.

Blessings and Big ups to the organizing team of the events. Grateful for Parklands Baptist Church Family at large…Awesome



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