Family Fun Sunday…The Day…!


On Family Fun Sunday, we have Church on open grounds, with each Family at their tents decorated with the family’s color. The whole place screams out festival!! It’s a day of fun, games and lots of cheer.

I set off early for the grounds where the event was being held, looking the part head to toe….and ready to take part and be part of the occasion…that’s just me…all clad in my Family Color of choice for this year- Green: Bethel Family

First things first; I got into assisting put up décor at Bethel’s Family section…when it gets to this kind of activity, extra hands are always very welcome…you can never be so many…everyone available is welcome to participate…after all, it’s said ‘many hands make light work’…plus it’s fun doing things together as a family…making suggestions here and there hence contributing to the final outcome…

By 10 a.m, we were in time all set for the official start off of the event…just a few touch ups…

Looking around, the whole place was a hub of activity, the media team busy with the Cameras capturing moments and recording every moment right from that early start, children were at their area having their play time…the band busy doing the mixes…

Praise and Worship session was right off the hook, the beats, the music set the entire fields a boom…

Soon it was time for the day’s Word, on this  day, our Senior Pastor, Pastor Ambrose keeps it short and sweet…the rest of the day is for many in line activities…fun competitive games, lots of song and dance…but before then…there’s lunch…

Each family usually have their caterers, food and drinks are in plenty…However, one’s doesn’t necessarily have to serve at their family’s station…you know…at times, food looks sweeter in the other’s pots/plates…and so, one may be tempted to go there..

After Lunch it was time for sports, games and all…for the rest of the afternoon…that calls for lots of cheering of one’s team…Cheering takes some  of us to days gone, in High School Tournaments and Sports days when we’d go wild in cheering…memories come live…redoing it again…some things can never be forgotten…like the cheering songs….

The Emcees for the day really did a good job keeping the audience all interested hence setting a great mood through and through…tired as one may get, the psyching up keeps one active…

What an afternoon it was…!! Awesome, wonderful times are made of such…At some point, I just posed to whisper a thanksgiving prayer that I belong to Parklands Baptist Church fraternity…where such a season and days like this happen…

Then came the day’s Climax….to continue



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