Family Fun Sunday….


I woke up to Sunday 11th December- Last Sunday; a day very much looked forward to. My high spirits at waking up moment were put off, as I put off the switch and there was no power! What a morning!  A whole Sunday morning, no electricity…you surely can guess what that means, with all the confusion that comes with power outage on an early morning…

My moods definitely threatened to sulk, but I couldn’t allow that to happen, not on that day! It was the culmination of Family Month festivities at Parklands Baptist Church, the Family Fun Sunday.

I got busy preparing myself for the day…but with no electricity, there was definitely a problem…that is not what one can term as a pleasant day’s start…despite that I had to get ready for the day…

The event was set to officially start at 10am but before that time, family members are asked to be early to assist in setting up the place with décor.

‘A day such as this, is once in a year…’ I reminded me…’…and the best thing to do is be part of the occasion from start of day in every way…’ so I thought

…to continue



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