What A Friday Night…!


It’s been the Family Week following the Family Month that began on November 6th. There have been various activities over this period every weekend, and during some weekdays.

In line with these activities, yesterday 9th December evening was the day set for ‘Goat eating’. An evening of celebration, with Family at Church one is associating self with at this time of year.

Last year I missed this fun evening so this year I purposed to attend.

In a long while, I haven’t left the office as early as before sunset…but for today I had to…I needed to get to Church for that function….

Going to Church, the excitement was so much in the air one would feel it way even before getting to the Church Gate!

The place was all set up, with each family set up at their place, under the amazing night sky, with the sections surrounding a very big bonfire…It was all praise and dance to our King around the bonfire followed by a Word for the evening from our Pastor …Wow!! That was Church Service of a kind!

Then came the time…food time…Each family had a service point. Meat both Stewed and Roast was in plenty…after all , it was ‘Goat Eating’…whether it was goat meat for real, I’m not sure…what matters it was meat…

There was entertainment from youths …surely there is talent among our youths…

I wished I could stay until late night, when the function would end…but I had to leave quite early…

What a night it was!! It was an evening of a kind…Church at Parklands Baptist is so much fun…I thank God for the entire PBC family.

Looking forward to tomorrow Sunday 11th November, the Family Day….the Climax for the Family Month…



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. drew
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 05:39:45

    I like your description of goat eating. We never get to do that in the U.S.

    Nyama ya mbuzi!


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