November…Family Month…!


November is a month to be looked forward to, on Parklands Baptist Church Calendar, right from the beginning of the Year. It’s the month dubbed ‘Family Month’, goes on to ‘Family Week’ in the last week November which may flow into first week of December, finally culminating on ‘Family Sunday’ on the first or second Sunday of December.

It’s a month filled with fun activities. Our usually very lively Church becomes all the more exciting and celebratory mood is all over. The Church Décor goes a notch higher as every family, with their color, goes ahead to decorate a section of the Church, where ‘Family Members’ sit during service to cheer on the family as the competitive activities are slotted in at some point during service.

Sunday, 6th November, saw the launch of this year’s ‘Family Month’. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Church on that day, thanks to work related matters I had to attend to. On the day Family Day is launched, congregants are to choose family to belong to. Each family is identified by a color and a name. The colors are usually, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Blue, while the name to go with the color changes each year based on what the Church Year Theme has been.

Having missed the launch of family Month, I felt real bad missing out all the fun!

Come last Sunday, 13th November, I got to Church, and was yet to choose which family to belong to this time round. Last year, I was in the Red team, going by the name ‘Beryth’ : Lord our Covenant, which turned out to be the winning team. I tremendously enjoyed myself last year, being part, and playing part of the family through and through. Given that my wardrobe is quite red, I had red attire throughout the month/ all Sundays. I was very red…’Lady in Red’ head to toe, come the Family day.

On Sunday, I was in a green dress and so I chose to be with the Green team…Yesterday, I had to buy a green scarf, as to have something green in color besides my bracelet.…With Green accessories, I was good to go…for today Sunday 20th November…It’s just like me to fully participate, be and feel part of something I choose…So today I settled for the green team, I didn’t feel like changing….

The Green team is going by the name ‘Bethel’ : God’s House…. I love that…brings to mind the ‘Don’t you know your body is the temple of the Lord verse…’

The competitive activities and questions /team answer session were so fun filled. They so livened up my day which had otherwise started at a low note…

I was alert in good time; however it turned out to be a chilly rainy morning, one of those days you wonder whether to arise or just keep warm in bed. But the thought of just lazing in bed or around the house on a Sunday morning doesn’t go well with me…I got out of bed despite the weather, prepared myself and headed to Church for first service which usually begins at 8:30a.m. I stayed in  for fisrt part of second service which begins at 11:30a.m; at least to experience the Family Month celebrations…could have wanted to stay in Church for all service and even till late afternoon, but couldn’t since I was to work later in the day.

All in all, I’m so glad to have been to Church today….


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