Missed Church…

6th November….this was another sickening Sunday for me. I didn’t look forward to it, one of those days one wishes would be skipped… However, it showed up, as ‘just another day’…starting off the morning on quite a low note.
I tried psyching me for the day as much as I could, by dressing quite sharply, some make-up highlights, being on my highest heels…but nothing could change my morning quite dull mood…
I wasn’t preraring myself to go to Church, but for another work related meeting, on a whole Sunday morning, and it was be on all day!

Well, I attended the meeting and participated as I could, though, my mind was else where…at Church, imagining how Church Service was going on…

The day’s over now. It was just another day passing by. I feel some emptiness, a hunger that only going to Church would fill up. I so miss Church already. Looking forward to next Sunday, hoping it’ll be a day away from work.

I Love Church, missing Church makes me sickly, like now, as I do this, I’m down with a headache.


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