Fill In The Blanks…

In my schooling days, one of the subjects studied all years was English language. There used to be a format of questions which were a must have be in practice exercises or exams.
These questions were: ‘Fill in the blanks the sentences’ or ‘Using MOST appropriate words, Complete the Passage’
For each blank labeled with a number, there was a provision of words to choose from to fill in. In some cases, no could be answers were given, one was to complete sentences from one’s words knowledge base…
Oftenly, a blank would appear to have multiple answers, however the caution was ‘Most appropriate…’
Anything falling short of ‘most appropriate’ was wrong n’ would lender a sentence meaningless or give it another meaning which would impact on a whole passage…

Looking at one’s life, it’s like that passage made up of sentences with some gaps that need filling. One’s surrounded by ‘words’/ things as choices to fill the blanks with. Choices one makes may bring about meaning in life or distort meaning of the whole ‘passage’ /life.
It’s only by making the ‘MOST Appropriate’ choice that meaning and wholesomeness in life can be achieved.

Dear God,
I need Your guidance in filling the blanks in the sentences making up the passage/story that’s my life. Fill me in with the Holy Spirit, your Love, that will lead me in making the ‘MOST Appropriate’ choices, that will bring out the meaning/purpose You intend for me, which is all for Your Glorification.


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