Breakfast II…


Yes, breakfast is important,
But, being honest,
I’m not keen on it,
At times, I get started for the day,
Put it off for later, but I forget…
Other times I’ve nothing to eat…
But, when I have some breakfast special,
I really delight in having it…

I Thankful for the special breakfast mornings I’ve had over ladies fellowship. In such mornings, breakfast is more than just a cup of tea and something to go with it…



Not Everyday….


It’s not every day you:

Go dine at a four star,
Have a four figure priced meal,
Have a several courses meal,
Are spoilt of foods choice,
Have it fork and knife style,
Are served/serve self to point of ‘no more please….’

When you have a day with all that,
Sample all you can, savor every moment,
On such occasion, forget watching calories…




A meal taken first,
At a day’s start,
Breaking some hours’ fast,
After a night’s rest,
Of a day’s meals, said to be most important,
For one’s day energy start….


Ladies Annual Breakfast…The Day…


It’s a day/morning eagerly looked forward to. This year, the day turned to be Sunday 27th November… The event set to happen at one of the best land mark hotels in the city, the Sarova Panafric Hotel.

The day dawned,
The D day..
Early I arose,
Well I prepared,
All very excited,
For the day ahead

…I set out for the Hotel as we agreed to meet early, a while before the function began, just to ensure all was well…before the guests arrived…

The venue was beautifully put up, warm and inviting décor all around saying volumes…

As soon as attendees settled, breakfast started being served as early as before 8a.m, and everything was in plenty…Fruits, Juices, Beverages, Cakes, Breads, Cakes, Meats …all in their varieties…They kept flowing for the entire morning as the function progressed…

The moment came, the prime time for our speaker of the day, a renowned Woman of God. The Word she spoke was the message of the day, meant for such a time like this…

All went as planned. Soon it was guest leaving at their own pleasure..

For some of us, those in the organizing team, it was almost an all day event, Breakfast turned lunch and way past lunch hour…Definitely a day wonderful and well spent.

With the Ladies’ Annual breakfast happening,
It is a wrap on the ladies events for the year…

Thank You Lord for the far that you’ve seen and brought us through……
In a celebratory mood…we joyfully sung Don Moen’s ‘We’ve come to Bless Your Name’


Ladies Annual Breakfast…


On our Ladies Ministry Calendar,
It happens once in a year,
The last Sunday of November,
A morning greatly great planned for
A morning of pomp and glamour,

The Annual Ladies Breakfast it is…!
A morning of all ladies fellowship….
Over a sumptuous morning meal…

The day is set for tomorrow….27th November 2011…Definitely looking forward to it…


Laziness Is…


Early you awake, but you choose not to get up,
You take time to snooze some, keeping warm,
Before you know it, time’s so gone…you arise…
Things to do, you put off for an undefined later…
That makes a slow day’s start…

Such may define Laziness….


So Fast…


The Year is coming to an end, and so fast, it appears…I can hardly believe that it’s already less than 10 (ten) days to end of November!

Yesterday was the 3rd Sunday of November, already 3rd Sunday into the Family month…Next Sunday, 27th November, is a very significant date on the Ladies Ministry Calendar, when we’ll be having our annual Ladies Breakfast at Sarova Panafric Hotel. It’s a day to look forward to…That means we’ll be missing service at Church, as we have a ladies’ service at the Hotel, as we fellowship over Breakfast…Gladly, Family Sunday is set for 11th December, hence there’s at least a Sunday for the fun at Church…before the Family Sunday D-day


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