When You Were Here..A Tribute…

When you were here,
We planned each tomorrow,
With you in mind,
For we saw no parting,
Looming beyond the horizon

When you were here,
We joked n’ laughed together,
No fleeting shadow of a ghost,
Ever crossed our paths

Day by day we lived,
On this side of the world,
There was never a sign,
That your hours were running fast

You were gone….

When you were gone,
Through glazed eyes we searched,
Beyond the mist n’ the shadows,
For we couldn’t believe you were nowhere,
We couldn’t believe you were gone,
Couldn’t believe you were dead!

You were ours,
You died.

Nine(9) years now,
You’ve been gone,
Memories of you,
Fresh in our minds,

With great love,
You molded our young lives,
We remember all moments,
Spent with you

It’s a great understatement,
To say we miss you,
God’s grace help us endure,
Pain of you absence,

We believe you are resting in peace…

If only you were here with us….

(All these years on your girls, Shiro Joy, n’ I, are all grown now. How we wish you were here, so we share this phase of our lives with you, dear mom. We love you so.
A loving mother,aunt,daughter, sister,friend n’ more you were. You are dearly missed by many. As for Joy n’ me, you meant the world to us. We’ll always love you, n’ cherish memories of the times we had)


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