Bible Study Season 9…Completed…


Sunday 4th September, season 9 of Women of Impact(WoI) Bible Study at Parklands Baptist Church began, after the registrations period.It would run for at least the next seven Sundays to come, as WoI B/S leaders/Moms and daughters go through the studies…

Sunday 23rd October, was the eighth(8th)Sunday, the start Sunday inclusive, when my family got to be on the last study.
Come today Sunday 30th October, we decided to do a recap of one of the study which had been covered during what we call Combined B/S Sunday, when our Patron leads B/S with all members together…It’s always nice to have a smaller group discussion/ sharing time…
With that, I could say we’ve completed the Bible Study….Thus I celebrate being a Women of Impact mother again…

We’ve had a great time over the B/S period, albeit with challenges like my daughters being late for B/S, some missing some classes…We’ve to organize for make up classes for those who missed some classes….and some having to drop out of B/S because of unavoidable circumstances.

Besides the challenges, the most important part have been the studies impacting on each one of us in various ways. I pray that that impact be to impart and impact on others…as our motto is ‘Each one, Reach One…’….Or more…do I add…

This time round, I have eight(8) daughters who’ll be on the Women of Impact Graduation list!
To God be the Glory…It is so great to be a mom…The Graduation day for my daughters is a day to look forward…can’t wait…



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