While growing up, I used to love beads…the beads I came across then were what we called ‘Hair beads’ which I would put as décor on my hair…However, I would get quite creative with them, and find other ways of using them…I once made a basket decorated all over with all colors of beads…..

Sometime back, I was walking along the city streets and came across a beads shop…I got the urge to go in and check the beads out…To my delight and amazement, there were beads of all types…wooden, plastic, glass etc, in all imaginable colors, shapes and sizes. The urge for bead work kind of came biting on me….

By the time I left that shop, I had some beads with me. As long as I had them, I’d find time to use them…adding to my list of pastimes/hobbies ….


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