Excited, Not…

The day has come,
The day I havent’t been looking forward to…I’m not excited about this…
I’m on the road, headed to some place with colleagues. Last time, I didn’t join the team that had gone for a similar get-away. I had my reasons as to why I wouldn’t join the rest. I was very honest explaining them. I don’t think it was kindly taken though.
This time round, I could have loved to be excused not to go, given my genuine reasons for the weekend ahead…however that isn’t the case…here I am on this road trip.

I feel so bad, having to be away for the weekend. The return journey is set for Sunday… Oh…oh…no…
I wish it was set for tomorrow evening, after the day’s activities. The thought, which happens to be a fact, that I’ll miss Church isn’t good at all…it’s giving me a headache… I haven’t missed Church in a while…for the past 18months…
It’s distressing to me, that I’ll miss Church! Besides, there’s the combined B/S which is a very important date on the Calendar during the Women of Impact Bible Study season…Being absent on such a date as the B/S coordinator, and also a B/S mom/leader doesn’t neither sound good nor feel good…

What to do? I choose to find comfort in the verse ‘Everything works for the good for those who love God, n’ are called to His purpose’


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