Visitors; A Blessing………..


It was time for the first Bible Study discussion. I was busy filling the register as I awaited those who’d not arrived for B/S to come so that we could star.

Two ladies came to me having been directed to me that I’m the ladies B/S coordinator. They were visiting the church for the day but despite that, they wanted to be part of a B/S during the B/S hour- between first service and second service- since they were at Church early, on time for it. I welcomed them to our group, gave them the Women of Impact Bible  Study Book and gave them some time to familiarize themselves with the study for the day as we awaited other group members- my daughters.

After some minutes we started the B/S as I led us through the first study. All went well, though some my daughters didn’t turn up for the day.


It was such a challenge to that these ladies, foreigners in the country, visitors at our Church,for that Sunday came for the B/S and were in time. So excited was I to have them in my group. They were so delighted throughout the B/S session as we shared the word in an all ladies B/. At the end of the Study, they couldn’t say enough of how delighted they were to have been part of the B/S for the day.

Our two guests were from Texas, U.S.A, and were headed to Comoros for some missionary work.

What a blessing it was to have them with us for the day……..

Thankfully, there is this Internet media to link us all around the world…I met them on that 09/11/11, but I will keep in touch with them days to come…
I thank God for those wonderful ladies…..It was my pleasure to welcome them to Parklands Baptist Church (PBC)- Nairobi Kenya for the day.


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