Passed Out…


Temperature was quite high,
I sensed some dizziness,
With folded paper,
I fanned myself,
It’d clear up, I thought…

In split seconds,
Everything around me Was in spinning motion
Got quite numb
Shortly, sight utterly blurred
Feet couldn’t hold me up any longer…
I passed out…

Next I regained consciousness,
Taking in surroundings,
I lay along a pavement!

**Some AP guard came over…
Too weak to arise,I was helped up and supported to walk to some shade close by. I couldn’t coherently say what had happened, all I could master was an incoherent ‘I’ll… be… o.k’
I lay under the shade for a while till full recovery. Soon I was good enough to go, despite some haziness…and was on my way to continue running some errands..

**Mishaps happen, yeah,but God is still good.I went through it without even needing first aid.


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