To feel unwell,
One doesn’t plan,
On expectations list,
It’s doesn’t feature…

One wakes up one a.m,
But getting up turns out being a problem…
Some aches here, some aches there,
Body feels like a mass of unthinkable pain…
Sitting up and standing up right, becomes like impossible,
Going from point A to B becomes unbearable,
Pain, is all there is to feel…

Confined in bed,
At a specific position,
Hours just pass by…
…ends up being a sickly day…

‘Where did it all come from?’ , one can’t help wonder…

*As I do this, I’ve been down with some ulcers attack all day. The pain I’ve been through, was too much all day long.
Gladly, come evening, I’ve felt much better, with the pains subsided.
I thank God for healing me.


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