First Attempt At Poeticine…


Today I did something new…
Poeticine it is…
A way of writing poetry,
In 130 or less characters,
I got to know of poeticine,
Via Twitter a.k.a, micro blogging platform,
That’s where I did my poeticine posts…

Now they find their way here…

They were four in number,
Though revolving around one topic…Dreams/Dreamer
Here are my poeticine pieces…


I’m a dreamer,
Dreams Big,even wild,
Full of glamour n’ color,
Though not so clear,
For clarity, I dream on… #Poeticine


Gratification I’ll achieve,
When my dreams I’ll realize,
Before then, I gotta believe,
All’s gonna be well… #Poeticine


Situations not withstanding,
A dreamer continues dreaming,
t’s what keeps one sane,
In seemingly insane surroundings… #Poeticine


‘Familiar’ world gets boring,
But a dreamer won’t be bored,
Just somehow restless,
As dreams catapult one,
To another world #Poeticine

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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