Dear Me…

My Dear Self,

I take this opportunity to get in touch with you via this mode of communication….

How are you? Don’t give me that ‘I’m quite o.k’ or ‘I’m trying to be o.k’ …I’ve had enough of such from you already… Just say it as is, as bluntly as you can put it…
I’ve known you for as long as I can remember…Seeing you now I’m not sure what or who I see. Is it really you that I saw looking back at me earlier on?
Where is your signature smile girl?
Where is the sparkle in your eyes? Where is that cheery voice I used to know? Listening to you talk I’d be excused to deny it’s you speaking. You should know too well by now, you can’t fool me or anyone for that matter with a plastic smile! With the honest you, faking it just don’t work for you…there are dead giveaways kinda written all over you!

Dear self, would you just face upto me and let us work this out together. Something is terribly wrong, let’s try sort it out…

To say the least, I hate seeing you like that…it’s so depressing losing you…being without you, the you I used to know…Where are you? What’s happening?
Let’s talk…

Yours Sincerely,
With Love,


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