This Tiredness..


Got to the house Last night,
Feeling quite tired,
I just wanted to sleep….
As soon as possible,
After my bedtime routines,
Asleep I fell, tired…

Some hours later,
Something awoke me,
Somehow got up,
Still tired though…

Got back to bed,
Got some more sleep,
Got up later at day break…

Still kind of tired!
I thought I’d have rested…

Started off the day…
With some stuff to do,
I got even more tired,

Took a nap at some point…
A short nap,
t’was supposed to be,but….
So much later I awoke…

As the day ends,
Tired I am,
This tiredness… (SMH- Shaking My Head)
Doesn’t seem normal…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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