June Wasn’t Easy…

The month that was June, was nothing close to an easy month. It brought forth so many challenges and difficulties. I would wake up for a day, and get started doing what there was to do and later go where there was need to go.
By the time I would get back to the house I would be so tired to do anything else other than do my evening routine ablutions then sleep as soon as sleep would take over and it did so fast…
Before I was fully rested, morning would show up…
In all I did, there was little I did for me…it was almost all about others…due to circumstances prevailing…
Through it all, God saw me through. It’s by His strength that I tacked each day. Tempted to give up being of help, ‘Don’t tire of doing good’…would keep ticking in my mind, thus I would go on being of assistance best I could, giving my time and all
Gladly, June is over! With it ending, so came the end of the June issues…
I check in to July, hopeful for a nice month…
I chose to focus on God, as He’s already gone before me, mine’s to follow.


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  1. realizingdreamz
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 20:31:41

    Would you like to experience God more deeply. That has been my life study. Would you like to talk about the question I asked? uragreat12@gmail.com


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