Be Glad For Good Health


As I get down to do this, tired is what I am and what I feel. This is just a random write, just for the day’s entry into my blog…

Yesterday was just another day, starting and progressing without much ado until I got this text from my mother, after having missed her call, that my aunt, her sister had been taken ill and rushed to hospital- Kenyatta National referral. Since she got referred there, she can’t get treatment from any other place. It was followed by yet another call from another aunt- their sister- about the same.

What? I couldn’t understand! It’s only Monday that I had gone visiting her at her place, we had a real good day and she was alright. What then just happened ? I just couldn’t get it.
Well, one doesn’t plan to fall ill, it just happens. One may be o.k this minute, the next, another story…She was admitted at hospital late yesterday.

Come today, I had to go see her at hospital. Going to hospital is never an interesting undertaking. I had talked with her on phone earlier in the morning and she got to tell me what she’d like me to get for her. Well, I did cook food as per her specifications- spice-less- but that doesn’t mean tasteless. I know how to cook good food with no spice additives.

Yeah, I went to Hospital and got to meet her there. She is doing well but…. being in hospital….NOT good at all!

While at hospital, one gets to see how unwell people are and one can’t help sympathize with them. It usually got such an impact on anyone with a heart for people.

With that visit to the hospital, or even just thinking of those who are suffering sickness in one way or the other, it get me thinking….Even if nothing else may seem o.k in my life, it’s enough that I’m healthy…

Being in good health great, and one ought to be very very thankful, that one is well…



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  1. Katherine Gordy Levine
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 23:53:08

    Hope she is better and her illness just a passing problem. Wise always to enjoy the good you have right now, for life does always bring change and not all of it is good. Stay strong.


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