Lost and Found ID…!

It was last Friday, May 27th, when at the Immigration Offices Passport collection counter, that I realized I didn’t have my National ID. However, I found favor from the attendant there who issued me with my passport despite my missing Id.
On getting home, I searched everywhere, but couldn’t find it. With that my fears that it was lost were confirmed.
When and under what circumstances I had lost it, I couldn’t tell. Dreading the ID re-application process, I thought to re-trace my steps to everywhere I’d been in the past so many days with the hope of finding it. I could well remember everywhere I’ve gone to n’ happened to access my wallet where it could accidentally have dropped from. I went to every place asking whether it could have been found there. Unfortunately, I was met with ‘no’ for an answer or they checked in the lost and found stack of cards but it wasn’t there.

Today 2nd June, I left the house early to go check at the last place that came to mind though I couldn’t even recall when I was there-a certain Bank. If it wasn’t there, the next thing was to start the re-application process, which I get to understand one has to get a police abstract-going to a police station isn’t interesting at all-I think!

I got to the bank and asked the person I could get to fastest- a guard. He asked for my name and directed me to take a seat as he checked from the stack of lost and found cards they had there.
A few minutes later, he asked again for my name to confirm and I couldn’t believe my eyes when he handed my ID to me!

Talk of relief, excitement that filled me at that moment! I was like Whoa!! At Last! No more searching, no dreadful ID re-application process to think of having to undertake and the wait time that would follow the re-application!

I’m so glad n’ thankful that I found my ID. As I do this, my mood is the direct opposite of what it was after realizing my ID was missing.


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