Bye, Bye, June…

It’s like just the other day,
June checked in as May signed out,
Days have rushed past…

Looking at the Calendar,
June is gone!

Bye, bye June…
t’s been nice having you around,
As long as you lasted….

See you next year,
Hopefully looking better….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

More Above Fun From ‘Funemployment’…

Well, for fun it may be,
That you do something,
You do it well…
Someone sees it differently,
Recognizes what you are capable of,
They put you to task,
Based on your so tagged,
You deliver stuff as per request,
You don’t disappoint…
You are asked to give a quote,
What you want paid to you!
What to do but do exactly that…
Lotsa appreciation follows,
No complaints…
From for fun, to for cash!
Making albeit a few dollars,
From ‘funemployment’,
Makes it all more the fun…


‘Just for fun…’
Yeah, somethings one do for fun,
To fill up or pass time,
Hobbies, pastimes they are called, Challenge to self some may be,
Calling for some effort,
Others one does effortlessly,
The seemingly difficult,
Become somehow easy,
Given t’s for fun…
Doing things for fun,
‘Funemployment’ is made…

‘Where…?’ Questions To Self…

Where did I go wrong?
Where did I err?
Where to from here?
Where do I get what I want and need?
Where will I get a pleasant break?
Where will I get the answers I seek?


© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

‘Why…?’Questions To Self…

Why is this or that?
Why is it this way?
Why this happening?
Why do I feel this way?
Why these thoughts?
Why all that is and is not?
Why now?
Why me?

‘Why….?’ questions… The easiest and fastest to raise,
Yet the most difficult to find answers for…
But still…
‘Why…?’ one will ask…

‘How?’…Questions To Self


How can I use what I have?
How do I apply what I know?
How do I go about it?
How do I know it’s the way to go?
How do I get from here to there?
How do accomplish my missions?


Make Up Post2…


How did time just pass?
Did I get too occupied?
Did the day end too soon…?
Before I did what I needed to do?
What I committed to do daily in 2011?

Posting daily on this blog…
Is always delightful…

I make up for the day I missed,
I don’t wanna fail on my commitment…
I can back-date,As I post…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

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