Commissioning Sunday…


Some Sundays ago, we completed the Women Of Impact Bible Study, for the first session of the year. With that done, the commissioning/graduation day for those who completed the Bible Study is the day to look forward. The ladies couldn’t wait for the commissioning date…they had been enquiring from me –since I was responsible for coordinating the BS-  about when it would be as soon as they completed the study. Unfortunately, we had to push the date a bit because of some activities, and also so as to be able to plan well for the day since it’s such a celebration.

Sunday, 29th May 2011, was the day set for the commissioning. The ladies being expected to be in the Ladies Ministry ‘uniform’ when there is a function, white top, black bottoms –skirt or pants, and blue scarf.

I had seven daughters to be commissioned and so I was looking forward to the day very much as well….I was up early, took a great deal of time to prepare myself to look sharp for the occasion…It may be just be putting on neutral colors- black and white, but….I had to do it in style…everything had to be wonderfully in place head to toe… The loveliest of white tops in my wardrobe, a nice skirt, a scarf tied in style, hair combed out and let down…..etc…and my loveliest and highest heels to complete the look….Oh I forgot to carry my zebra print handbag! A mom got to look great on her daughters’ graduation…

All my daughters looked so beautiful!

The time came for the commissioning during service and it all went well. There were almost a 100 ladies graduating. It was wonderful to have about 30 ladies from another Church where one of us has been impacting. The rest of the service went well. Thereafter very nice lunch was served.

It was a great day…all plans going well…glad to serve in the Parklands Baptist Church, Ladies Ministry- Women of Impact, and being part of an amazing ladies team…

Oh, how I thank God for that day that was….




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