Got One, Lost Another…


After realizing that my National ID was missing in the wallet while at the counter to pick my passport, I got into panic mode. ‘Where could my ID be?’, this question kept racing in my mind…even after being issued with my Passport, I was so unsettled by the thought that my ID is missing…It was so strange that all other cards were well in place in their slots but the ID missing…

I got home quite late but couldn’t sleep before I searched all over for it. I looked everywhere, no lack! Come morning, I searched for it again everywhere I place things. I’ve checked every thinkable place…My ID is no whereto be seen!! How did I loose it, when and where? I’ve tried thinking it over, retracing everywhere I’ve been; recalling when I last used it…nothing is adding up…no clue at all….

I’m so unsettled. Of all other documents that could get lost, why the ID the most important of all…It’s yet to sink that my ID is lost!

I get one and lose the other…what a predicament…Both are very much needed…



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    May 29, 2011 @ 20:40:43

    I can relate to that.


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