Got My Passport, No ID…

It’s been weeks since I applied for a Passport. They say the processing date is 10days but after those ten working days I went checking only to be told it’s far from being ready for collection. I went severally later, same report..’Not ready’… Politely asking about the delay, I was told that they are unable to process within those 10days because of overwhelming number of applications. I get thinking…’Shouldn’t the immigration offices do away with that statement indicating the numberof days it takes to process the passport applications?’

I went there today with the hope that it would be ready by now. Thankfully, I was told it was ready and was directed to the passport collection counter.
At that time of day, the place was so crowded. I decided to go later after class-I was having a test and that meant I’d be able to leave early-before 8pm which is the closure time at the immigration offices.

I left College around 19:30hrs for immigration offices to go pick my passport. The place was deserted compared to to the situation there during the day! Only the officials were there…handing in my receipt, I barely sat down to wait before I was called to pick it…That was like instant service!

The attendant asked for my National Id which is a requirement for one to be issued with the Passport. I didn’t have it in hand thanks to the speed at which I was served. Checking into my wallet to get it, it wasn’t there! I so panicked and couldn’t help exclaim out loud ‘Oh My! I can’t get my Id!’ The official serving me kindly asked, ‘Where could you have kept it? Did you have it during the day?’
‘I have no idea where it is…’, I replied.
At that point hd was already handing my passport to me!! Oh my! I couldn’t believe what was happening. I profusely thanked him as he said ‘Go in peace, have a nice weekend.’…Wow! What an act of kindness! What a favor from a government official!
May God bless that guz who served me so kindly.

Well, as I do this, I’m in a PSV headed home. It’s towards 22hrs, I had to wait at the bus pick up place for the fare to come down to normal. These guys are notorious at hicking bus fare to double the usual rate.

I have my passport yes, but the National ID….No idea where it could be…Don’t wanna think that I could have lost it…


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